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If you're honest, we see CCTV footage of worse crimes like harassment, theft, abuse, or murder. We know all those things; what we do not concern ourselves with is the fact that there are heinous crimes in our history which were almost impossible to believe. There are serial killers at large who not only torment people, they also eat them...

Yes, this book is about cannibal serial killers.

As you read the stories of the culprits who heartlessly killed and ate people, you will gain a little background on how their minds worked. First, there's Albert who seemed to have inherited the mental illnesses his mother and other siblings had. His parents' ages were so far apart and it might have contributed to the way his genes were "arranged".

Then there was the recluse Nicolas Claux from France who was obsessed with death and anything related to it. This obsession stemmed from him being alone and misguided and led to him desecrating numerous tombs and eventually killing and eating his victims.

And lastly, we have the mother and son tandem that had this philosophical thought that street children were democracy's evil products. They had it ingrained in their mind that they would do the country good if they killed and ate them.

Reading their stories could be exciting, but as you browse through their tales, please remember the horrors which the victims experienced. They were probably scared out of their minds and their past most likely flashed right before their murderer delivered the final blow...

Essais et sciences humaines
2 mai
Joseph Exton

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