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Have you ever had to ask yourself what the meat that you were eating really was? What if it was human flesh? What if instead of serving you that side of pork your friend promised, you were instead served a side of human arm?

It sounds pretty disgusting, however, this is the most basic description of cannibalism. Cannibalism is the eating of human flesh, sometimes cooked, sometimes raw, sometimes after the person is dead and sometimes while they are still alive…

There were civilizations of the past where it was accepted for people to ingest the flesh as well as the blood of other humans, and archaeologists have proven that the act of cannibalism can be traced back to the Paleolithic Era… Kind of makes, you wonder if you really want to continue on with that Paleo diet, doesn't it…?

Today, the act of cannibalism is not something that is accepted, in fact, it is considered dark, evil and one of the worst crimes a person could commit.

In this book, you will hear the stories of not only murderers but of those who took their sadistic acts even further, butchering the people, they killed and ingesting them.

These are the stories of some of the most vicious murders and acts of torture that have ever taken place. Murderers who toyed with their victims, and finally served them up with a side of crazy...

Essais et sciences humaines
30 mai
Joseph Exton

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