True Fit

How to Find the Right Job by Being You

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The author, a colorful and well-known Bay Street big shot who has hired over 600 people at a major Canadian bank, has some blunt advice for anyone seeking a job: Don’t try to fit into someone else’s box. Figure out who you are, and what you’re good at. Then finding a job will be much easier.

Most of us, especially people looking for high-priced corporate jobs, don’t do this, according to author Jim Beqaj. We spend our entire lives trying to be somebody other than who we are. We’re afraid of being judged for being ourselves—in a job interview and on the job. So we put on our suits, squeeze ourselves into a corporate box, and set ourselves up for misery.

No wonder so many people are unhappy and unfulfilled at work (70 per cent, according to a recent poll). This book is written for is written for anyone who has been afraid to stand up for what they are, and for all of those who are hunting for a job, either after college or after being fired or laid off. 

In this no-holds-barred book, crammed with real examples of the wreckage from corporate bad fits, Beqaj urges job-hunters to have the courage to be themselves. As he puts it: “You want someone to hire you because they completely understand who you are, and they know from the mental image you give them that you are what they are looking for. The consequences of not doing so are too high.”

In this inspiring, funny, and deeply practical book, Beqaj shows readers how to create their own infomercial that tells prospective employers, in no uncertain terms, who they are. He walks readers through the key questions: What do you like to do? What are you good at, and what are you not so good at? Who do you like to hang out with? Then, and only then, look for a job that actually suits your skills and your personality. 

Jim shows readers what happens to people who followed his advice. They come to him from diverse industries with some common feelings —frustration or confusion about their career path, and fear of what they might uncover about themselves. They end up with a passion, even love, for their work and the way it blends into their lives.

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24 octobre
Barlow Publishing

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