Trump’s Presidency 1.0

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This book briefly explore U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.
Trump contract with American, Trump Tax Rate Brackets, Trump's Victory Speech, Cabinet Speculation, Protest,
Balance budget by better management not cutting earned benefits of poor and elderlies. Tax break for super rich. Criticizing any country's policies is not Anti-religion such as Saudi Arabia or Vatican or any country. Feb 4Confederate sympathizer McConnell and Northam must resign, media Pelosi silence on McConnell?
Feb 28 - NK-USA talks fail - Bolton fascist effect -- what happened 3 steps deal ?
154 Mil wants to move to USA - Border emgy ? or no
Jan 26/19 Impeach Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell or Dems Agenda DOA
(Jan 19/19 Liar Liar $1 Nancy Pelosi's pant on fire.
Pompeo - Haley wants to steal Trump's star by date of denuclearize of NK 2021, It should be June 30, 2020.
Sep 17, 2018 Larry Kudlow - Offers the 'Final Solution' Cutting food stamps etc will slowly kill ten of thousands, old poor etc
Aug 25 2018 - Thrumpy has spent 25% of his days in office at his golf clubs (Newsweek), mostly benefitting businesses in every possible way.He doesn't know how to do it RIGHT!, his mouth (people) piece and aids don't either. Doing it the 'Right' way is everything. Price, Verma, Paul Ryan, M.McConnel, unstable J. Mattis, Larry Kudlow and Delusional U.S. Rep. Steve King, and Steven Mnuchin must resign, immediately. anti-US and Citizens. Weak and Anti-Christ Pompeo, Mattis, Haley failed NK Iran Must resign.
Trump was not got elected because of KKK or likes. He won mostly because of he promised to be people’s voice – people Waiting.
US culture is of Constitution not book of myths
Winner of 2016 election interference - not Russia ?- India took the crown. India's unspoken agent gave 90K to campaign, donor in transition team. Oct 19, 2017 - Trump performed idol worship of 'Money of money/wealth - Laxmi' on Dewali in Oval office with Ivanka, Haley, S. Verma and Ajit Pai (FCC) & R Shah. (Nov 2017)
Introducing caste system. also in 2016, with donor, Eric Trump did Idol worship with donor in FL ( 2016) . Obama ( 2016) did Idol worship in WH -First ever. endorsing caste system. Ivanka is de facto queen of sweat shops in India and region (Nov 2017).
N.Modi Met Nikki Haley (other ) in 2016, She under cut Trump , made him look like a stooge in front of the world. Now Indian agents and supporters in are dragging USA un-winnable and genocidal and a proxy war in Afghanistan and Pakistan and China for India. Probably will happen in Delhi? .Karzai accused US as ISIS in Afghanistan.
Cutting Medicaid and Medicare will trigger genocide - already in IN, KY and others. Seema Verma and Dr Price designer - Drug and Alcohol abuse is due to out-sourcing and hiring of foreign workers for high paying jobs etc. education also played a part. free education to save US -McConnel against it. Paul Ryan introduce caste system - through heath-care - Ruling class and private citizen – Dharma in action. Pure Evil. Tax reform to give $s to his family and friends. US can learn few from China - 5000 plus years as a non-interventionist, preference mediation - for peace and deals.
Hillary C, are India's Bitch.
Hillary lost the election, the day she walked behind security ropes - unreachable - disconnected and Elite. If Hillary and Obama and his cronies and Left Media had not cheated - Bernie would have been POTUS
Social Security and Medicare are threatened: Mnuchin, Mulvaney and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's 'Bait and Switch' Scam - Privatization of Social Security is (likely) unconstitutional – peoples tax monies cannot be given to private company. Government should find monies to expend SS, Medicaid and SNAP; not cut. that's what government does-work for the citizens.Fix budget via better management and end wastage Congress Stop stealing money from S. Security and federal government retirement funds. Scammers.

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15 novembre
A Kh'an

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