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Selling on eBay isn't a game.

You need to have a plan.

These books walks you through what it takes to sell on eBay. It answers all of your questions, and gives you ideas how to get started and grow your eBay business. 

Includes a short section discussing the new seller standards that eBay will begin enforcing on August 20th, 2014. Grab your copy now, and learn how it will affect you. 

Have you ever wondered how some sellers can grow a strong thriving business while others barely scrape by?

Many times, I've watched two sellers as they are first starting out on eBay. Both sellers offer the exact same products and prices, yet one business skyrockets to the top of the charts selling thousands of items per month. The other business struggles to sell ten or fifteen items per month. They might even have the same basic look to their listings. On the face of it, it doesn't make sense. 

Why does one eBay seller prosper, while another falls behind?

Is it a matter of luck? Does one eBay seller catch all of the breaks, while another is stuck holding doo doo? Believe it or not, many struggling sellers believe this. They think it's all a matter of luck. But, you and I know better. Don't we? 

Sellers who succeed on eBay play by different rules

They don't leave anything to chance. They know that success requires a plan. You don't just move from Point A to Point B. You need to make it happen. And, that's what this book is all about. It gives you a strategy for selling on eBay. 

You will learn

1. How to write titles that draw buyers into your listings and help them find what you are selling 
2. How to take picture that show buyers what they need to know to say "This is the item I'm looking for!" 
3. The anatomy of a great listing. What you should say. How you should say it. What not to say. 
4. Why you need to stop guessing at prices for your items, and how to determine realistic prices that customers are willing to pay. 
5. The smart way to ship your items so you can get your packages to your customers safely and on time. 
6. How to rock customer service, and motivate your customers to leave five star feed-back every time. 
7. How to deal with eBay's constant string of updates and changes 

Still not convinced?

Consider this. 

• There are over 128 million active buyers on eBay. 
• Last year they spent over $83 billion dollars on everything from paperclips to new cars and custom helicopters. 
• Hundreds of thousands of small sellers are making $500, a $1000, even $2500 every month working part time from their kitchen table or garage. 

How about you? 

Are you making your fair share? 

If not, this book will help you understand - selling on eBay isn't a game. You need to have a plan. 

Get serious about your eBay selling

Order this book - TODAY!

Make more sales tomorrow - and everyday

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29 janvier
Nick Vulich

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