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Use Your iPad to Simplify, De-Clutter, Improve, and De-Stress Your Life!

Your iPad. You already know it’s fun. But did you know it can save you hours every single week? Did you know it can help you get rid of clutter, annoyances, and stress—both paper and digital? Do you know the tricks and shortcuts for doing more with your iPad than you ever did with your PC or Mac? With The Ultimate iPad, you will—and it’ll be easy!

One simple step at a time, James Floyd Kelly will help you pick and use the best apps and services to pull together all your content, media, and knowledge: email, Internet, books, movies, TV, personal and work documents, magazines, financial data, and more. Packed with large full-color photos, The Ultimate iPad teaches dozens of amazingly useful techniques you won’t find in any other iPad book. You’ll discover how to:
Totally de-clutter yourself in less than 30 daysUse Evernote to organize all your documents on your iPadSet up your “always-available” cloud storage service with 30x to 50x or even unlimited storage spaceStore your DVD movies in the cloud for anytime/anywhere viewingInexpensively and legally convert your existing print library to digitalUse Dropbox for file transfers and other tasks iTunes can’t handleGet rid of print magazine stacks and make your magazines searchableAutomate home security with low-cost webcams and your iPadBuild a personal reference library with the GoodReader and Pocket apps: never lose a web article againStore an official digital signature you can add to any PDF documentSet up Quick-Fix shortcuts that deliver the information you want right now—even if you’re offlineCreate a painless backup system that really works for you—finally!

Informatique et Internet
22 juillet
Pearson Education

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