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Liv and Autis Oakley, a young professional couple, have purchased their dream home on several wooded acres of Wadmalaw Island—one of the sea islands bordering Charleston, SC. In short order they find slave graves from the Civil War era on their land. Soon after they realize that there are ghostly spirits in their furnished basement, and then there appears a demon in the form of a large black panther, which rages and ravages. Finally, we see the wraith-like lady who lives in the run-down old mansion back in the woods from Liv and Autis. It turns out that all of these sinister elements are inter-twined in Liv’s family history: A history of which she was totally unaware until she and her husband moved to South Carolina from the north. She discovers that her role in this family history is the catalyst activating the spirit elements on the property. They discover that finding their dream home was no accident.
Liv and Autis, with the assistance of their large pointer, Bob, new-found friends, Carole “Bambi” Bamberg, a vivacious blonde southerner, and Sweetgrass Weaver, a ninety- year-old descendent of slaves, struggle to defeat the forces that has made their lovely home a living prison.
This story is peopled with characters of distinct and compelling southern flavor, and is set among the lovely live oaks, towering pines, and fecund swamp and salt marshes common to coastal southeastern United States.
Liv and Autis befriend Black community members who mobilize to propel the story to a satisfying and surprise ending.

Policier et suspense
18 mai
Canterbury House Publishing

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