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We are all waiting for something: Love, happiness, a chance to feel like a normal person once more, some abstract opportunity that will give us comfort and security, moments of clarity and—finally and absolutely— hope. We are all waiting on hope.
In the early 1900’s, a young woman named Elise returns to the mysterious Red Manor, a mansion on a remote island that she grew up in after her mother tragically passed away. At Red Manor, Elise relives memories of her childhood and is haunted by ghosts that still reside within the decaying red walls of the old mansion. As she attempts to piece together the reasons for her return, for which she has no memory of, her decisions and past will shape the lives of a young couple living a hundred years later. The couple: Andrew and Anna are both suffering from depression and are having difficulty dealing with their lives and the complexities involved in sustaining a relationship when both feel that they are unable to do so. Just as Elise must figure out her past in order to move on, so must Andrew discover the truth of his own past and learn to overcome his tragic memories— if he has any chance of living a normal life with Anna. However, sometimes in order to move on we must sacrifice everything we know and place our trust in uncertainty. Trust in the idea that there may be a bit of magic reserved for us in an often cruel world.
Waiting for Fireflies is a story about how love can change both the past and the future in unexpected ways. Connected through time by the secretive Red Manor and a mythical white stag, Elise, Andrew, and Anna may just find the hope they are so desperately waiting for.

SF et fantasy
24 février
Matthew Fish

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