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Kali trusted Caleb. She wanted to spend one night, just one night, in the Suicide Forest, with him, if that's what it took. Sleeping in the Forest with someone was like making your bones in St. Isidore. Sleep with the dead, the demons, the spirits and ghosts of the Forest. 
What fun! Get some Forest cred. Get some respect. Lots of people did it. Most of them made it out. 
Caleb said he'd do it with her. Introduce her to the horror, the paranormal horror, of the Forest. And, of course, get her out alive. That had to be part of the deal.
Everything went great at the beginning, but then everything went drastically, massively, unfixably wrong. 
Kali and Caleb woke the dead.
Suddenly, Kali and Caleb were running for their lives. No. Wrong. They were running for their souls, finding out why lots of people spend a night in the Suicide Forest, but some stay. Were they trapped? Or did they decide the Forest was better than whatever they'd left at home?
Kali and Caleb were close to finding out. What would they do? Escape? Stay? Live? Or die?
Formerly titled, The Suicide Forest, Wake the Dead is a gripping, thrilling tale of paranormal horror from the center of the Suicide Forest in the most dysfunctional community on the planet, St. Isidore.
The Suicide Forest is the dark, foreboding center of the community of St. Isidore where a serial killer hung his victims. Once the world discovered the Forest thousands of people ventured inside. Some lived. Some died. 
Now, Kali and Caleb are racing for their souls. Is there a way out of the Forest? If there is will Kali and Caleb take it? Or will the Suicide Forest take their souls?

Romans et littérature
17 mai
Rod Kackley

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