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Being a Pet was not a job that Emily Robinson took for granted. She was doing the best she could to be the best pet for Mr. X. According to the law she was his property until he died or she did, or until he fired her. Emily's heart belonged to him. It wasn't a sex thing. She wasn't certain sex was even involved.
Except… it was sexual. Now here she was with her girlfriend trying to figure why she wasn't a lesbian. Shelby said it was because she was a Pet. A Pet wasn't lesbian. It was most confusing… she's still confused.
Finding herself loving another woman and being the Pet of a mystery man would've been enough for Emily. She'd been content at being his Pet. The fact that he continued to test her was immaterial, though she didn't do well with tests. Evidently it wasn't enough for the Fates. Somehow the Rene were interested in her as a Pet… a real Pet. The Rene had formed nearly a hundred years ago to help the Seers destroy the Whole World Church and end the Slavery of mankind.
It was the type of complication Emily didn't need. Being a Pet somehow validated some prophecy of the Rene.
The idea that being a Pet would be simple had long faded from Emily's mind.
Then one more test by her owner introduced her to a new friend… or she simply lost her mind. Oh, a lot more went on during the test than she could put together. It was quite a test. She didn't do well with tests.
The secrets and mystery of her owner were suddenly more meaningful.
Something began opening in Emily. What was the reason for the testing her owner put her through? What was opening in Emily? Why did the Rene see it as a danger sign? When she guessed (impossibly) his secret… would it change anything? When her life took on the flavor of a nightmare why did she keep it a secret?
Will Emily finally die for the secrets? Will this death be the last?

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3 mars
S Hawk

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