Walking with you…in the shades of love

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"Who doesn't fall in love but at what extent can you go to get your love? Have you ever mopped the girl's entire home just to get a glimpse of her smiling face or have you lied a thousand times just to live at her home as a paying guest? If not, this stuff is for you."

• "Aaliva, I have spent many sleepless nights for you anil I don't want the same for my son and your daughter...so better to make them siblings."

- Dipit Kaushik

• "But Dipit, this society will never let us be one."

- Aaliva Khan

Walking with you... is a story about a young writer, Dipit (Rfltz) who accidendy fell in love with a muslim girl, Aaliva (Chilli) in the Campus of MDI, Gurgaon. It's a witty talc of Ratz and Chilli, who survived through many complex situations of Friendship, Amotions, Dreams and love, only to be with cach other at every cost. Both were deeply in love for each other and wanted to get married, but will this cruel society ever let them be one???

Will Rntz nnd Chilli able to convert their inter religion love Story into an
inter-religion love marriage???

Or docs their quest will give for nothing...?

A love tale from a teenager's pen about the inter- religion love marriage in modern India climaxing on Ml'MBA I RIOTS. Will their love win over terror?
Assume the characters of Dipit and Aaliva as you and welcome to the cocktail. Walking with you...in the shades of love.

4 août
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

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