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In my tiny hometown of Gillibrook, I'd tried to find the yee to my haw, but instead, I'd kept finding the hell to my naw.

As a triple-crowned county-fair pageant queen, I had grown used to the winner's circle. But after one too many romps in the hay with local cowboys, I'd only knocked boots with a bunch of losers.

I'd met every Tom, Dick, and hillbilly this side of the mountain, and they'd all turned out to be no-good sons of biscuit-eaters.

I didn't want to settle for a consolation prize. I played to win the blue ribbon.

So, I'd traded my boots for suits and packed my bags for a taste of city life.

But after that dirty rascal Tommy Pickins broke my heart, I'd learned the pastures weren't always greener on the other side of the fence, so I hightailed it back home to my roots on a trail of shame.

I tried to lay low at Buck Off Ranch, but small-town gossip traveled faster than a twister through a trailer park. 

Once my high school sweetheart, West Miller, caught news of my arrival, he sauntered right back into my life with a score to settle. But his challenge was just another contest I could easily win. One flutter of my lashes, and I would charm him right out of his chaps.

I wasn't the same innocent country girl who had left this place, and bad-boy West was about to learn a very hard lesson.

After all, this ain't my first rodeo.

September 21
Kat Addams

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