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Allen Johnson, my partner of twenty years had recently died. After spending many years nursing him through his debilitating Parkinson's Disease I knew it was a mercy for him but still I was devastated at losing my best friend. Another shock came soon after his death in the form of an email that I received from a lawyer representing his only daughter from a previous marriage. It was a copy of a will. Although Albert left a multimillion dollar estate, with a promise that each of us would receive an equal share, this will left me penniless. It gave his entire estate to her. When I studied the will I noticed that his signature was different. It was signed on Saturday the 25th February. He was with me on that day. He could not have signed this will. I was determined to discover the truth but it seemed that Beryl, his daughter was in no hurry to resolve the will issue. Beryl couldn't successfully contest a real will to keep all of her father's estate for herself because she was independently wealthy from her dead mother's estate. She had to devise a more devious plan to get her own way. My fight through the legal system left me stalked and persecuted by her and her husband in an effort to frighten me into submission and prevent me from receiving any of the inheritance that I was promised by my Allen. A gesture that he made out of love to provide for me in consideration for the years that I spent as his loving partner caring for him.

Essais et sciences humaines
8 janvier
Catherine McLeod