Warriors' War

Healing the Battle With Trauma and PTSD

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    • 10,99 €

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Your heart knows the way to heal, how to master your mind to love, and to accept and forgive the parts of you forgotten.

War had closed my heart. 

But I was ready to stop disconnecting and save myself.

After multiple deployments in the Royal Australian Army and time spent supporting the Special Air Service Regiment, Matthew Bruce was left numb to compassion, empathy and love. Warriors' War explains how trauma, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are affecting the globe; past and present. It provides a map to understand the depths of trauma and how to move towards healing the heart and mind.

The heart of this trauma recovery book focuses on navigating the transition with balance and demonstrates that healing depends on our actions and perceptions of PTSD as a disconnection of identity. Once we truly understand how our minds are relating to the stress and stimulation of the outside world, we can use simple proven daily practices to create a truly limitless life. Through implementing small changes and taking radical responsibility for our own state of mind, we can grow deeply, release anger and move through the trauma of the past.

As one of the more considered books about trauma healing, it's calling on men across the planet to stand up together and take accountability for the level of detachment and the cost this projection has on our relationships and communities.

The author's methods draw on his own fruitful healing modalities and ancient traditions worldwide to restore the soul and spirit so that men can truly come home to modern society, loved ones and self.

Loaded with free online content, this book about trauma healing will help everyone understand that they have the power to remove the PTSD label so they can thrive.

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16 juin
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