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Water-phobic Nik discovers mermaids and mermen plan to make her a lab experiment. They can’t take no for an answer and will go to any lengths to get what they need.

In the small Florida town of Tarpon Springs, Greek-American Nik Aronopulos avoids water. She never goes to the beach and shuns restaurants with views of the Gulf of Mexico. When a gorgeous, dark-haired, infuriatingly arrogant merman tells her it’s her ability to stay out of water that interests his people, she’s stunned. There’s nothing special about her… or so she thinks.

Bas is the merman tasked with obtaining Nik’s cooperation to help his people overcome their greatest weakness—the need to rejuvenate in the Gulf so they won’t dehydrate and die. Although they can shapeshift to look like humans and have advantages over land dwellers, their dependence on water keeps them from freedom. There’s just one problem – the girl he’s meant to capture is hooking his heart.

When Bas is shot by a bullet meant for Nik, she must face her greatest fear to help him. Her decision plunges her into a desperate journey where her desire for self-preservation weighs against her growing feelings for this merman who once terrified her. Their forbidden relationship will endanger not only Nik and those close to her, but the merfolk who intend to remain a myth at all costs.

If you like the mystery and suspense of the television series Siren, but you want more romance, one-click to buy Water Dreams today!

SF et fantasy
27 août
Foundations Book Publishing Company

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