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When a Roman Catholic Christian first read the Holy Book of Islam, he discovered that the messages in the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an were consistent—that the one and only God had given Jews, Christians, and Muslims the same Word—just in different ways at different times.

We Should Be One interweaves the Word of God as found in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Scripture to reveal His messages more clearly, and to show His everlasting fidelity to all who accept them and properly apply them in their lives. It invites us to recognize that God has called all of us (the Chosen People, the Children of God, and the Party of Allah) to be united in our devotion to Him. It reveals how each of us might have misunderstood some of God’s Word and suggests that in reading all of it, we might understand it better. It challenges people of each religion to recognize that we should not be enemies. We should be one - united in the Word of God.

This thought provoking book will appeal to anyone who truly wants to understand the Word of God and has enough courage to step into uncharted territory to find it.

It will also appeal to anyone who seeks peace in our religiously troubled world. By offering new insights and understanding of our Holy Books, this book offers rays of hope.

The author has taken on a monumental subject with eloquence and grace. Many people will find this perspective a fascinating study of religion. By looking at these texts as three facets of the same jewel, the author builds a wonderful, well-rounded study of God’s message. This unifying idea is uplifting and refreshing.

- Elaine Retty, Xulon Press Reviewer

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2 octobre
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