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Wealth for me has to do with the good wife, godly children, good health, material riches, and godly character that produces a good name. In my judgment, these are the component that makes up a wealthy man. If any of these is lacking in any man you called wealthy, that man's wealth is incomplete. The hands of a woman have been designed to greatly influence all of this component that makes up a wealthy man. In my research, I have found out by revelation seven secret reservoirs of great wealth in the hands of women and have done my best to reveal them and show us how it can be harnessed.

There is wealth in the hand of that woman that has accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal savior. There is wealth in the hands of every woman that is married to her husband. There is great wealth in the hands of any woman who is full of faith in the God that answers prayer. There is wealth in the hands of a woman with a child than it is in the hand of the woman that is childless. Great wealth can also be generated by anyone who can bring women together as a team to pursue one purpose. Mammon holds great wealth from many men who through the foolishness of lust went about in fornication and adultery with harlots. When the woman is submitted to her husband or an authority above her great wealth is released to that man or the office of that authority. All these seven points are clearly explained chapter by chapter to bring you into the wealth of God reserved for you as you read and put its principles to practice. Some men may never arrive at their wealthy destiny until they meet with the women described in this book. WEALTH IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN is the book you've been waiting for to bridge the gap in your quest for financial freedom.

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Religion et spiritualité
6 octobre
Livinus C. Nneji

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