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The word « energy » was used to confuse me. I know that energy was but still I could not picture it in my mind to better understand what it was. Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work, the ability to do work. Work is moving something against a force. I also know that without energy life cannot exist. At the same time, the word « energy », was making me lose the thread of my ideas and was leaving me perplexed. This book is design to given you a concrete understandasing of that energy is. Remember in reallity, no one can see, touch or observe energy. We can only constact the presence of energy by mouvement, motion and mesure it by its speed.

We shall use this opportunity to introduce you to a pattern, the geometric shape torus that holds the key to the fuel of the future, to the world that works for everyone - Clean and universal energy.

I consider the torus to be the best ever explanation of our evolutionary process. Evolution means to enfold, to roll out. The question is what the universe is rolling out?

I realised that we are not a mistake, we are simply mistaken. We have been blended to our brilliance, ignorance to our genius, unaware of our true power and magnificence.

The Torus, the Zero Point Energy Field = Creation Story

Science et nature
13 janvier
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