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Her mother told her not to do it. But Brittanee ignored her mom's advice. Now, nobody knows if she's dead or alive. Her mother wants answers. Her mother wants justice

Who Killed Brittanee Drexel? is a true crime unsolved mystery you won't be able to put down or ever forget.

Brittanee Drexel defied her mother and went with friends from her home in Rochester, New York to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Spring Break.

The seventeen-year-old was never seen again. 

Seven long years later, a man in South Carolina says he knows what happened to Brittanee. He says she was kidnapped, raped, killed, and fed to alligators. But the suspect he named has an alibi.

Does Brittanee's mother have any hope of ever seeing her child again? If not, will she be able to help police bring the killer to justice?

Who Killed Brittanee Drexel? The Shocking True Crime Story of a teenager who may have been kidnapped, gang-raped and fed to alligators. It is also the story of a failed police and FBI investigation, and perhaps a man wrongly accused of murder.

But above all else, Who Killed Brittanee Drexel? is the story of a mother's love, grief, and search for justice.

Who Killed Brittanee Drexel? A Shocking True Crime Story of a Teenager's Murder and a Mother's Grief by Rod Kackley

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26 mai
Rod Kackley

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