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If you are reading this now, you have the book I have written in your hands. If you choose to read this book you will actually be reading two stories, both stories are true. Remember that old clich that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction? Well this just happens to be stranger than fiction. You cant make this stuff up. Part one of my story is about Busters life. And it was a rough start, almost from day one, which was November 2, 1942. It was if he was angry from his very first day on this earth. Starting with his eviction from l grade to his unsuccessful one day attendance at a Catholic school, to his one year stay at Philadelphia Childrens Hospital for Rheumatic Fever, which left him with heart damage, Id say that was a rough start, wouldnt you? Some may have described Buster as an angry, troubled young boy. That couldnt be farther from the truth I decided later on that Buster wasnt angry at all. He was just always trying to prove that he could be anythkg that he wanted to be. The fact was that he knew what he wanted to be at a very young age, he knew how he planned to get there, and he was determined to achieve his goals at any cost and no one was going to stop him. I talk about Busters family and friends and how they may have influenced or had an impact on his life decisions, which ultimately led to his untimely death on October 8th, 1976. Part two of my book is the bizarre part of his story. If you dont find part one interesting enough, I suggest that you skip to part two. I guarantee youll find it more interesting. There are several rumors as to why someone thought Buster had to die, we just dont know which is true or if there could be another reason that we dont know about. His young widowed wife Carol has spun many tales over the past years and truthfully we dont know what is true and what is a product of her imagination. She has told us about who the killers are and how the killers themselves end up murdered. She tells us how crooked the Las Vegas detectives investigating the murder are and how they try to implicate her own family. This goes on for over 30 years and we still dont know the truth. After reading this story, you can decide for yourself what is true and what is not, if you choose to. The problem is, unless you were there, you will have the same problem that I have to this day. I dont know why he had to die and I dont know who did it.

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28 février