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Why in the 1980s did it take a large contingency of heavily armed police to arrest two men in an area of woodland near a small English village? what had the two men - Richard James and his lifelong friend Paul Jones done to warrant such treatment? Were they a sleeping terrorist cell, or were they working undercover for a foreign government? Perhaps they had committed some other heinous crime, or was it just a smoke screen put up by the British government as a cover-up for some reason.

The story starts with the arrest of Richard and Paul then returns to earlier times when they are made a financial offer by the mysterious Breandán O’Shea that they cannot refuse. Who really is Breandán O’Shea, the wealthy landowner and farmer? What is the motive behind such a financial offer? As the story unfolds the reader is drawn into a labyrinth of lies and deceit, into the shadowy twilight world of espionage where cross and double cross is the stock in trade.

Is Sean - a member of the Ulster Defence Regiment - really a friend of Richard or has he a hidden agenda. Richard and Paul are quickly subjected to psychological terror tactics and are drawn into two sectarian killings. Richard is taken on a nightmare car journey, headhunted by the Official IRA terrorist organization and is kidnapped at gunpoint... who are his captors? Are they Special Forces or are they Irish terrorists.

The book presents the reader with more questions than answers leaving them guessing right to the bitter end.

Essais et sciences humaines
24 juillet
Pat Monteath

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