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This is Wasserman's third book about his encounters with animal poachers in the wilds of Pennsylvania. Join him as he patrols four hundred square miles of rural mountain terrain in search of some of the most unpredictable--and interesting--characters you'll ever meet. Wasserman relates the dangers of his job with pulse-pounding clarity. He is a wonderful storyteller. His crisp use of dialog makes his characters come alive in every page. Wildlife Guardian contains seven of his best tales to date. 

In Footsteps in the Dark a goat is killed in a remote forest by some unknown creature. Wasserman knows that a huge mountain lion has been reported in the area. At first, he disbelieves the claim. But as he stands between the creature and its meal, it begins to stalk him. Alone in the dark of night, he listens to the steady cadence of its breathing and wonders if he'll make it home alive.

In Unintended Consequences Wasserman narrates an encounter with a poacher that keeps coming back to him like a bad dream. It's a story about a man and his dog that you'll remember long after you  put the book down.

In A Valentine's Surprise a poacher prepares to surprise his wife with a turkey dinner on Valentine's Day. His plan backfires when the game warden shows up as an uninvited guest. But there are other surprises in the story as well. It's one you don't want to miss.

Shadows in the Moonlight is a fast-paced story about a night of chasing poachers that includes some hilarious antics between Wasserman and a faithful deputy who always manages to stay one step ahead of him.

In A Reckoning in the Snow we take the ride of our lives as the author attempts to take his patrol car over a treacherous frozen mountain to assist a deputy with bear poachers.

In Head Games emotions run wild as Wasserman encounters a family of downtrodden poachers that he's reluctant to prosecute. It's one of his best tales ever.

Fallout is a story about hardened poachers who will stop at nothing to shoot a deer. They've been at it for years because everyone is afraid to act. It takes a strong woman and her teenage daughter to finally bring the men to justice. 

Excerpts from Wildlife Guardian:

"I wondered if it was sizing me up at this very moment, its powerful body adjusting, muscles taut and ready. The notion made my heart hammer so loud I could hear it. And I was certain that whatever was out there could too." 

"She took a long pull on her cigarette. Thought about the revolver hidden in her bedroom. A single woman. Alone. Frightened. Three armed men outside. It would be self-defense..." 

"The suspect had turned around and was boring toward us at a deadly pace. I switched on my revolving red light, thinking it might stop him. But the lunatic truck shot by my vehicle, taking my side mirror with it."

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William Wasserman

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