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The earth cries out, shedding tears of blood. She weeps as she dies a slow and painful death.

This is a story of how the earth died and mankind fella story of chaos and corruption, pain and poverty, death and destruction. Men turn on each other. Moods change but not for the better. Hope and faith give way to anger and hate. The will to survive, to live, to hopeall these will end. Love may be found in the chaos, but it will be constantly ripped apart by the need to survive and to save others.

A financial crisis set in. Taxes went up, and the price of goods rose. Many people lost their jobs because employers could not afford to keep them on. Banks began to feel the strain, and then one by one, they closed and fell. Stock markets crumbled, and shares plummeted. People could not afford their rent or mortgage, and soon they were thrown out onto the streets. Poverty rates rose. The small banks went first, but it was not long before the larger ones followed suit, and the United Kingdom went effectively bankrupt. This set off a chain reaction across Europe, and the rest of the world until all countries suffered the same fate.

As a consequence, war broke outbut not between nations. It was man against man out of anger and hate and a need to protect what little each had left. Looting ran rampant. Soon survival of the fittest became the rule. The terminally ill went first; they were already weak. The prisons that held the worst of mankind were soon broken open, setting sinners free from their chains and the high walls that once kept citizens safe. The army was sent in to maintain order.

The days got longer and hotter. All food and drinks were seized, and rationinglike that introduced during World War IIbecame the rule in the major towns and cities. The people were under siege by gangs, looters, and the army as well.

People waited desperately for those who brought on this misery to find the answer and restore normality. They went down on their knees, prayed for answers, and begged for forgiveness, but no help came, and no answers were given. Those in power hid away, not wanting to be seen or heard as they grappled with their mistakes.

The air was thick with death. Many lives were lost through struggle, famine, and disease. Families were torn apart through loss. The balance was tipping. Those who would never steal took what they needed; those who once believed in doing the right thing did the unthinkable to survive and protect their own.

Milanda, the daughter of a soldier, was taught from a young age how to be strong, survive, and look after herself. Yet she was kind and caring, a writer of stories. Damien was an ambitious young reporter who travelled the world, looking at life through a camera, hoping to find that one story that would be his big break and bring him fame and fortune. He uncovered a high-level case of deceit and corruption but was persuaded to suppress the scandal for a substantial payoff. Should he have allowed himself to be bought? This was a question that constantly troubled him, darkening his mood and his general demeanor.

Policier et suspense
9 septembre
AuthorHouse UK

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