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About Harriet Brown

Harriet Brown is a producer, guitarist, singer, and songwriter who classifies his impassioned '80s-flavored R&B as romantic funk. Originally from the Bay Area and eventually based in Los Angeles, Brown debuted on Feel So Real in 2014 with New Era, a five-track release that looked like it came from 1987 while sounding like retro-futuristic machine soul spiked with vintage Japanese art-pop elements, howling falsetto vocals, and scorching guitar solos. The EP's "Stop Think" was released the following year as a digital maxi-single with remixes from four artists, including Suzanne Kraft. Brown's next major release was an album, Contact, issued on Innovative Leisure in 2017. By then, Brown had been featured on tracks by the Bilinda Butchers ("Heaven Holds a Place"), Classixx ("Eyes on Me"), and AR Ferdinand ("As You Wish").

Continuing to lend his vocals to other projects -- including work with Touch Sensitive and Hot Weather -- Brown returned to the studio to record his follow-up album. Released at the beginning of 2019, Mall of Fortune saw Brown once again deliver a collection of Day-Glo, futuristic funk cuts. ~ Andy Kellman