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About Heather Forest

With children in mind -- from the youngest to those beyond their innocent years -- Heather Forest weaves her musical tales with a magical talent and a soothing singing voice. Some of the delightful stories she sings are from well-remembered fables such as "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," "The Little Red Hen," and "Stone Soup." For more than 20 years she has performed all over the United States, bringing her musical folktales to audiences of assorted age groups. Forest lives in New York with her family; their home is called Fox Hollow Farm. She records her music in between appearances at festivals, conferences, and theaters. She also finds time to write award-winning children's books. In 1990, Forest's Tales Around the Hearth was released on Gentle Wind. In 1993, her unique singing story "Beauty and the Beast" won her the Parent's Choice Gold Classic Award. A year later, she received a Parent's Choice Gold Award for her release The Animals Could Talk. ~ Charlotte Dillon