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You're about to discover over 1,000 Spanish verbs exemplified in Spanish and English sentences.

Learning a new language is never an easy task, but it doesn't have to be hard. By learning the 1,000 most-used verbs in a language, you give yourself a fantastic foundation to start building upon to your road to fluency.

In my book, 1,000 Spanish Verbs in Context, I give you over 1,000 of the most common Spanish verbs used today. You are given the verb in Spanish and English with examples of the verb in a sentence, also in Spanish and English: No more confusion about how to use the verb. On thousand words is a perfect number to aim for. It is important to give yourself goals to stay motivated and to keep yourself learning.

Imagine if you learned 10 words a day: five in the morning and five at night. After only 100 days (that's just over three months) you would have access to 1,000 verbs in your vocabulary. That really is quite a lot, and it would give you an excellent grasp of the language. Far too many people expect to be speaking a new language far too quickly without putting in the time or effort. As a language teacher, I can testify to seeing this too many times. I can also say that by exposing yourself to a new language daily, you will surely learn it.

It does take time and effort, but 10 words a day will give you a massive boost. If you prefer a slower pace, then you could set yourself different goals. The key to learning new vocabulary is to see it in context - that means in use. Seeing how a word is used will help you remember it better. It is also important to understand how that word should be used in a sentence.

As a free bonus I have included the top 100 most-used words in Spanish. Yes, I really want you to learn this beautiful language.

Michelle León
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June 26
Richard Forero

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