1984 And The Spanish Civil War

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In 1937, George Orwell spent six months witnessing the rise and fall of a popular revolution on the streets of Barcelona and Catalonia. Alone amongst his contemporaries, Orwell understood what the success or failure of that Spanish Revolution would mean for the rest of the world.

1984 And The Spanish Civil War explores the background to the Civil War and the hidden anarchist revolution within a revolution. As Orwell arrives in Catalunya, he observes something bright and new in the world. But when Orwell returns from fighting on the front, he is confronted by the Communists conducting a misinformation campaign against this revolutionary spirit and he is forced to flee from their purges. He returns home to England, where he begins to write his account, but finds few are prepared to listen. In order to tell his story, he writes literally (Homage to Catalunya), then when that fails, he adopts the structure of allegory (Animal Farm) and finally that of a dystopian fictional Britain in 1984.

Yet publication is a constant struggle for Orwell in a world that refuses to criticise the role of the USSR. Though he dies in despair, his words are not lost, for their message is picked up once more on the streets of the same country he fought for back in the 1930's.

Praise for 1984 and The Spanish Civil War:

"Paul has achieved in a concise volume what others have failed in far more voluminous accounts."

"An interesting read if you are new to Orwell or the Civil War in Spain...Highly recommended".

The Forgotten Stories from Spain Series brings you accounts of human bravery and spirit at a moment of unleashed cruelty during the Spanish Civil War. Stories of co-operation that have a universal message, as relevant to the world today, as it was in Spain during the 1930's.

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