7 Steps to Feel Good Naked: Health and Body Confidence WITHOUT Dieting (Unabridged) 7 Steps to Feel Good Naked: Health and Body Confidence WITHOUT Dieting (Unabridged)

7 Steps to Feel Good Naked: Health and Body Confidence WITHOUT Dieting (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £7.99

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Why do nine in 10 people fail to keep the results they get from dieting?

Dieting sets us up to fail with emotional, psychological, and physical restrictions even those with the most willpower fail to keep up.

So much of what we've been taught holds us back from truly thriving. It takes serious unlearning to feel good about food and our bodies again. That's what the 7 Steps to Feel Good Naked book is all about.

We teach you how to say buh-bye to diets FOREVER.

Diet culture promotes the idea that you can only find confidence and health through strict rules, but the opposite is true (a balanced, flexible approach is the MOST sustainable.)
If you've been on the yo-yo dieting and fitness fatigue rollercoaster, a healthy life seems overwhelming, like it will never stick, but releasing the number obsession frees you to find true health.
An intuitive, balanced approach based in sustainable behavior change is possible for ANYONE and can undo much of the damage caused by dieting (emotional, psychological, and physical.)

Ditch the rules telling you you're not good enough, that your body shape isn't desirable, or that you can't eat grandma's cookies!

This new, powerful approach is one I've used for over a decade to stay healthy and fit without dieting. It's the same approach I've taught to clients around the world from Brazil to the UK for the last nine years. I bring you all my expertise as a non-diet nutritionist, personal trainer, and behavioral change specialist. Come learn how to combine gentle non-diet nutrition, intuitive behavior shifts, and holistic fitness!

If you listen to this book, you'll see that you don't have to choose between well-being and enjoying life. You don't have to completely change your body to accept it. There is another way, a more empowering way.

The Naked Approach is for anyone:

Ready to leave dieting behind
Tired of constant self-criticism
Struggling to make time for health
Ready for body confidence
Feeling stuck about next steps

Stop living by rules that hold you back and start creating your own...to feel good naked again right now! Here's a peek at what you'll find in this book:

The biggest mistakes dieting teaches about health and fitness
Seven concrete steps to create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU
The easiest way to find food balance without counting
How to slowly move toward intuitive eating without feeling like you're losing control
Step-by-step guide of how to create your own fitness routine that FEELS good
Mindset shifts to handle lack of motivation and self-criticism
A full guide to FEELING good naked again!

This book gives you actionable strategies and a bonus wellness planner that you can use to stay motivated and accountable even when the journey gets tough and rediscover the body confidence that made you feel unstoppable!

Chardét Ryel
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8 November
Chardét Ryel