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When the luxury cruiser, hastily renamed Great Britain, berths in Kinloch harbour, the pressure is on DCI Jim Daley. The UK Government are taking a high-powered group of businessmen and women on a tour of the British isles, golfing and seeing the sights, as part of a push for global trade. But when one of the crew goes missing, and an elderly local ornithologist disappears, will the pressure become too great?  

The arrival of a face from the past sends Daley’s world into a tailspin. And the lives of the passengers and crew of SS Great Britain, as well as the country’s economic future are in jeopardy. DS Brian Scott comes to the fore, and replete with a temporary promotion, is once more - most reluctantly, in his case - back at sea. 

Daley faces a life and death struggle, but is this his last throw of the dice?

David Monteath
hr min
11 July
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Gabion ,

Sloppily written

It’s really rather poorly written. Little of it seems even plausible. I guess the extreme vindictiveness of Jim Daley’s wife is interesting inasmuch as she can turn anything into an argument—I can imagine someone like that. But most of the characters don’t ring true. I downloaded this partly because the blurb said that DS Brian Scott was featured, and I’ve enjoyed him as a comic turn in other books in this series. This time, though, the humour has become so broad as to pass beyond the bounds of plausibility. Amusingly, Jim Daley’s superior is supposed to have superior penetration and ability but uses Scott even though he’s shown as a clown. It doesn’t add up. But then we’re *told* she has these qualities. And why should we believe it? Poor writers tell, good ones show. The way the terrorists think and speak doesn’t seem plausible to me either. Hamish, too, has become a caricature. Is he supposed to be a wise old man with a preternatural gift … or yet another clown and sot? I doubt I’ll bother looking at or listening to book 8, if this series continues.

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