A Trauma Toolbox: How to Include Your Soul in Healing Trauma A Trauma Toolbox: How to Include Your Soul in Healing Trauma

A Trauma Toolbox: How to Include Your Soul in Healing Trauma

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    • £4.99

Publisher Description

For trauma survivors, it's important to acknowledge that the soul is also wounded. Author Victoria McGee, herself a survivor of trauma, gently introduces the reader to tools that invite the soul to soften and heal around trauma. Whether the reader is suffering from PTSD, C-PTSD, grief and loss, or any of the many painful adversities life can bring, A Trauma Toolbox offers a balm for the spirit.

Trauma healing means healing the unimaginable; integrating soul work into traditional therapy can bring deeper healing of trauma. Tools such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation and prayer provide a pathway in to reclaiming that part of ourselves that is our essence, our truth. A Trauma Toolbox is a daily practice, offering practical tools to bring your soul into your healing process and focus your mind and spirit each day on tools that foster resilience, strength, and peace of mind.

Traumatic experiences can lead to depression and anxiety. A Trauma Toolbox offers ways to shift those challenging emotions and reclaim a state of hope. This simple toolbox invites your soul to heal with a word, a thought, to be read and contemplated each day. Each thought is surrounded by quotes from healers and thought-leaders on the subjects of trauma and healing, faith and grace. Every chapter includes a meditation with an intention to carry through the day, and concludes with a journal prompt if you are a person who gains insight through journaling.

A Trauma Toolbox offers 26 days (or 26 ways) to include your soul in healing trauma. It's a toolbox to use for self-compassion, restoring faith and to help in reframing post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth.

Victoria McGee
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16 January
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