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Accelerated Learning: 2 Book Box Set 

This Book includes:

Speed Reading: How to Read a Book a Day - Simple Tricks to Explode Your Reading Speed and Comprehension
Photographic Memory: Simple, Proven Methods to Remembering Anything Faster, Longer, Better

Do you want to:

Study better?
Be able to read faster and retain more information?
Make more efficient notes?
Pass tests more successfully?
Be more creative?
Learn things faster?
Engage in business armed with great focus and full comprehension?
Be able to read one book a day?
Remember anything effectively and efficiently?

Then this book is the answer! It improves your reading speed, focus, comprehension and retention! It gives you the power to develop better time management, enhances your concentration and logical thinking, and also improves your overall self-confidence.

This easy-to-understand book provides guides that will help you understand:

Speed Reading Techniques
Reading vs Speed Reading
How to Break Poor Reading Habits
How to Start Speed Reading
Importance of Daily Eye Exercises
and more

And in the Photographic Memory Section, you will learn:

Simplified discussion on how the mind makes, stores and remembers a memory
The photographic memory and how it is different from eidetic memory
Significance of creative thinking and visualization as a platform to achieve extraordinary memory
How peg systems work including the special systems that are specifically developed to memorize numbers
Tips and tricks to remember names
How emotions can be used to easily remember information
How to organize and visualize information through mind mapping
The concept of the palace method and how to construct your own memory palace to be able to store and retrieve information in an instant

Find out how speed reading and photographic memory skills are connected and how you can train yourself to become a master at both! Learn how to incorporate the exercises and techniques found in this book into your daily routine so that speed reading and photographic memory becomes a habit. Soon you will find that you can read an entire book each day and remember things much clearer! The more you practice these accelerated learning techniques, the more knowledge you will gain that you can use to achieve your goals in life.

Sam Slydell
hr min
18 January
Ryan James

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