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Including DIY-exercises!

Become a cognitive learning prodigy, master any skill with ease, develop rapid reader, and never forget anything. Well, sort of....

While no book can ever keep up to such a high-flying promise, a good book should bring you for sure a step closer to your goals. And yes, this book will, for sure, keep that promise! How did we go about it? Simply by modelling the arguably greatest mind in human history of science. While modelling a historical figure can only bring you so far, we continued our research and dug deep into the science behind accelerated learning, cognitive psychology, speed reading, knowledge processing, retention techniques, and much more.

Instead of boring you with scientific facts and figures, we then condensed our findings into simple, pragmatic, and actionable advices for you. And yes, following those practical step-by-step advices will bring you a huge step closer towards becoming a cognitive learning prodigy, and master any skill with ease.

Discover the Blueprint to Become an Information Processing Machine.

Get inside the mind of Einstein and discover simple, yet decisive techniques to sharpen your mental skills and instincts.

Cut Thorough Complexity with a Proven Toolbox for Rapid Learning.

Learn how to tackle complex topics by focus on the bigger picture and breaking it down into simple and easy-to-memorize pieces.

Save Your Valuable Time by Processing Information Faster.

Getting things done in half of your time. Double your reading speed and finish books within half of the time.

Dramatically Increase Your Memory Retention Capabilities.

Develop a memory like an elephant. Discover the most effective hacks to memorize anything in your short- and long-term memory.

Because theory without practice is worthless, each chapter incorporates our proven DIY exercises to put your knowledge into action.

This book will finally give you the tools and step-by-step advices you always wanted to bring your learning skills to the next level.

So, don’t hesitate and buy this audiobook now.

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R F McCoy
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May 2
Patrick Lightman