ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Tips You Need to Know (Unabridged) ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Tips You Need to Know (Unabridged)

ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Tips You Need to Know (Unabridged‪)‬

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This is a two-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book one: Non-Medication Treatments

ADHD is a condition in the brain many people are somewhat familiar with. However, when it comes to the specifics, the majority of us are still left in the dark.

The main essence of ADHD is missing when people just think that you’re hyperactive and unfocused. There is way more to it. Not only is there so much more to say about the causes of ADHD, but about the consequences, as well.

For example, people with ADHD are more prone to addictions or suicide. There is medication for ADHD, but there are also other methods that can help contain the symptoms of the disorder. Moreover, people with ADHD can have specific strengths, too, that other people are lacking.

For all these reasons and more, the author of this book has decided to address some of these issues and give you a better grasp of what ADHD is, where it comes from, and what it means in someone’s everyday life.

Book two: Tips You Need to Know

What is executive function?

Can video games help people with ADHD?

Is suicide related to ADHD?

How about emotional trauma?

How does ADHD affect families and the way they function?

Questions like these have been researched and put together in this book. You will learn about many aspects of ADHD and the side effects of the condition that you may have never heard of before. These pieces of information are short but to-the-point.

These are valuable gems for people who are interested in the topic. If that is you, then I encourage you to start listening to this book.

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