After Everything You Did

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    • £4.99

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'An incredible debut' MEL SHERRATT
She is wanted by the FBI.
She is a stone-cold killer.
She remembers nothing.
She is told her name is Reeta Doe, and that she's been in an accident. That she's in Florida. That the FBI have been following her since Mississippi. That she has brutally murdered two women. College girls, who look just like her. Two more are missing, and one survived.
Reeta recalls nothing. She cannot answer their questions; all the things they want her to explain are no more familiar to her than the prison she is taken to.
Her only hope is a journalist named Carol, who can follow the trail of devastation Reeta left in her wake.
All the way back to Pine Ranch, and the only family she ever knew.
An astonishing debut crime novel, exploring identity and nature versus nurture, with an unforgettable character at its heart. Perfect for fans of Girl A and The Girls.
Praise for After Everything You Did
'What an incredible debut. A story with characters that really got under my skin, told with compassion and intrigue. I was outraged, fascinated and heartbroken at the same time.' Mel Sherratt, author of The Life She Wants
'Richly detailed and atmospheric, the carefully woven strands quickly pulled me into Reeta's story, towards an ending that was both chilling and heart-breaking. An exciting debut, I can't wait to read what Stephanie Sowden does next.' Louisa Scarr, author of Last Place You Look
'Absorbing and horrifying – I was gripped from the first page' Marion Todd, author of Next in Line
'A powerful psychological thriller debut… Sowden pulls off a great twist towards the end of the book to tie all the diverse strands together, which does come as a major but welcome surprise. A most assured debut that grips like a vice and bodes well for Sowden's future.' Maxim Jakubowski, Crime Time
'This savage, harrowing read will keep you on the edge of your seat.' Woman's Own
'The perfect thriller. This book has an incredible story and the perfectly drawn main character m

Bridget Lappin
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14 April

Customer Reviews

Jaye's22 ,

*A Puzzle of a case*

**4.5 Stars**

This story centres around a young who is told her name is Reeta. She has spent all her life as part of a cult, the infamous leader is to be admired and revered this is the only life she has ever known.

One day whilst out driving and having an accident the FBI who have been on her tail for some time arrest her for the murder of 2 college students and one who is missing. This is where things don’t go so well for her, as she is not alone. for one she has no recollection of her crimes and the FBI want her to pay. Is she telling the truth? A journalist named Carol may just be her only hope as she has written about the case Reeta thinks she can help her fill in the blanks

We follow Reeta’s case over the course a number of years with Carol digging deeper as she investigates while developing a close relationship to Rita.

Then Carol finds a piece of evidence that can potentially change everything. Then as the pieces start to fit together a tragedy happens, you will find yourself questioning what is true. I find that I am left with questions re the ending. That being said this a great debut Novel by Stephanie Sowden

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