All of You: A Best Friends To Lovers Romance - Complete Series All of You: A Best Friends To Lovers Romance - Complete Series

All of You: A Best Friends To Lovers Romance - Complete Series

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    • £2.99

Publisher Description

As she excitedly begins preparing, Laura starts to notice that Jake's presence in her life is becoming much more intense and her dependable pal Jake suddenly becomes her sexy, gorgeous lover, leading to some hot erotic activities that result in an awakening within Laura.

Laura is having an early mid-life crisis. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, nothing has gone quite to plan. Envisioning a happy career, a loving marriage and having had children by this age she instead has a job she is bored with, a failed relationship she had also grown bored with and no man suitable to even consider settling down with.

Dissatisfaction reaching its peak, she thinks about taking a six month sabbatical to travel and ‘find herself’. Her best friends – Jake and Megan are super-supportive of Laura’s decision. The three of them have been friends from childhood, and have remained as close throughout most of their lives. Their encouragement gives Laura the motivation to take control of her apathetic life and to book the trip.

Megan notices the changes within their group and the defensiveness of Laura and Jake starts to drive cracks into the trio. With her most unconditional source of support and love under threat, Laura wonders if she should call the trip off and focus on repairing the friendship that is her most precious belonging.

Then Jake – the person who knew her best, or who she thought she knew best, the person who has been her friend through thick and thin, drops a bombshell that shatters her heart.

Michelle Morgan
hr min
26 November
Wild Hearts Romance