Always After Dark: The Boxed Set Books 1-4: Shifters Forever Worlds Boxed Set, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £12.99

Publisher Description

Follow the Tiero family, a group of white tiger shifters, as they head to America to find love...and heart-stopping danger. Full of romance, suspense, and gritty drama, this red-hot collection is sure to entertain!  


Remember Vax? He made a cameo in Shifters Forever: Seduction. He’s back!  

Shifter Vax Tiero runs After Dark, a nightclub that doubles as a haven for shifters. Man, did he screw up falling for the curvy graduate student Callie Rivera. That’s a no-no because of the Tiero Council Code. One of the tigresses is a furious, petulant visitor whose jealousy puts Callie in danger.  

Now, Vax has two problems. Keeping Callie alive and keeping that he’s a shifter secret from her.  

Wait. Two? Make that three problems because his half-brother, an equally sexy shifter named Rafe is in from Europe for a visit. And he’s got his eye on Callie. He’ll waste no time going for what he wants while Vax is taking care of After Dark. 

Two hot shifter males and a hot-tempered shifter female promise sparks, melee, and drama. The hot sex is a side effect.   


Shifter Cy’s sister is missing. He shouldn’t be crossing into Tiero territory to look for her. He should follow proper channels and notify the Tiero tribe. But he can’t. He doesn’t have the time to wait around for niceties and permissions. Until he’s caught. Damn the luck.  

It doesn’t help that one of his captors is a beautiful, curvy tigress named Lila. He needs to escape to find his sister, but he hates the thought of leaving the stunning, bootylicious tigress behind.


It’s a Shifter Council meeting. This one’s being held at After Dark. The city’s teeming with shifters. They’re supposed to be cordial, but tensions run high when territorial disputes arise. Curvy tigress Veila has no business falling for Mark Martinez, the alpha of another tribe - a tribe the Tieros have had scuffles with that have lasted several centuries.  

Romeo and Juliet’s family rivalry had nothing on Veila and Mark’s families. 


White tiger shifter Gavin Castro’s got a job to do. Falling in love isn’t part of it.

The curvy Arctic fox Layla’s on a mission. Keep her secret and catch a tiger...shifter. And not by the tail! 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Meghan Kelly
hr min
3 January
Elle Thorne