Angels Adrift (A Mercy Allcutt Mystery, Book 6) Angels Adrift (A Mercy Allcutt Mystery, Book 6)

Angels Adrift (A Mercy Allcutt Mystery, Book 6‪)‬

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    • £7.99

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Boston Socialite Cracks Band of Bootleggers in Angels Adrift, a Historical Cozy Mystery from Alice Duncan

1926, Pasadena, CA

Mercy Allcutt's imagination is more exciting than her job as secretary to P.I., Ernie Templeton. As usual, she has nothing to do except gaze out the office window overlooking Pasadena and imagine the plots of stories she plans to write someday.

Generally, when she watches the alley behind the Figueroa Building, she needs to imagine someone being strangled, today was different. She calls the police to report the murder but the corpse is gone before she hangs up the phone.

Ernie tries his best to convince her it was her imagination. The police find nothing. Now her reputation is on the line as well as her aspirations for becoming a P.I.

With her boardinghouse tenants as advisors, she launches her own investigation, putting her and her friend Lulu right in the middle of a band of bootleggers who don't like nosy secretaries or their friends. Now, Mercy needs to save herself and Lulu before they both wind up floating in a Venice canal.

Publisher Note: Readers who enjoy cozy mysteries in historical settings are sure to appreciate the Mercy Allcutt series set in 1920s Los Angeles, California. No vulgarity or explicit sex for those who appreciate a clean and wholesome read.

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