Anxiety Management Techniques - 5 Books in 1: Stop Anxiety Now, Eliminate Negative Thinking, Stop Panic Attacks, Overcome Social Anxiety, Master Stress Management (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £12.99

Publisher Description

Anxiety Management Techniques: The ultimate guide to help you overcome all forms of anxiety, negative thinking, panic attacks, and stress!

Do you want to gain better control over your anxiety and feelings of fear?

Do you struggle with social anxiety and panic attacks?

Are you looking for ways to stop negative thinking and finally relax?

This five-in-one bundle is the only audiobook you will ever need to solve your problems!

In today’s society, many people suffer from some form of anxiety. Stress can instigate negative thoughts that just end up spiraling into a panic attack. Once in, it can be hard to break the cycle of stress, anxiety, and panic. You may find your career, relationships, and self-image suffer.

The good news? It’s not impossible to eliminate negative thinking and manage stress. Everything we feel and think begins and ends in our minds. When you feel a negative thought coming on, you should know that you actually do have the power to stop it. Without a doubt, you can change your outlook on life. You deserve to live a life where peace of mind is the norm, not a special mood. You can learn how to manage your anxiety. 

Here’s what this audiobook can teach you:

Proven mindfulness techniques to help you control anxiety attacks
How to alleviate anxiety and stress by using these amazing natural remedies
Therapist-approved tips to foster self-love and positive thinking
23 relaxation techniques that will end panic attacks and help you restore peace of mind
The hidden causes behind social anxiety and how to overcome shyness
Stress management techniques used by high power CEOs and executives
And more!

This audiobook will teach you how to change your habits and thought processes so that you can successfully manage or even completely eliminate anxiety, stress, and panic attacks!

John-Michael Jalonen
hr min
6 November
Derick Howell