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The New York Times bestselling author draws from his popular show #AskGaryVee to offer surprising, often outrageous, and imminently useful and honest answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know—and more—about navigating the new world.

Gary Vaynerchuk—the inspiring and unconventional entrepreneur who introduced us to the concept of crush it—knows how to get things done, have fun, and be massively successful. A marketing and business genius, Gary had the foresight to go beyond traditional methods and use social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to reach an untapped audience that continues to grow.

#AskGaryVee showcases the most useful and interesting questions Gary has addressed on his popular show. Distilling and expanding on the podcast’s most urgent and evergreen themes, Gary presents practical, timely, and timeless advice on marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and everything else you’ve been afraid to ask but are dying to know. Gary gives you the insights and information you need on everything from effectively using Twitter to launching a small business, hiring superstars to creating a personal brand, launching products effectively to staying healthy—and even buying wine.

Whether you’re planning to start your own company, working in digital media, or have landed your first job in a traditional company, #AskGaryVee is your essential guide to making things happen in a big way.

Narrators include: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jack Welch, Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin, Kevin Jonas, Casey Neistat, Draymond Green, Alex De Simone, Adam Braun, Adam Grant, AJ Vaynerchuk, Al Harrington, Alan Belcher, Alexis O'Hanian, Andrew Greif, Andy Dunn, Andy Krainak, Benjamin Lazarus, Beth Comstock, Black Coffee, Brittany Hoffman, Charlie Ebersol, Chase Jarvis, Chef Lizette, Cristie Kerr, Dana Anderson, Dawn Swick-Renshaw, Dennis Crowley, Dustin Keller, Erik Dellenback, Greg Pesci, India Kieser, Jack Haber, Jason Calacanis, Jason Farris, Jason Fried, John Legend, Justin Brooke, Kevin Asp, Leo LaPorte, Leslie Blodgett, Mike Vacanti, Peter Brown, Phil Rosenthal, Phillip Gimmi, Ross Walker, Scott Wyden, Sean Burrows, Shonduras, Soren Azorian, Staphon Lawrence, Steph Ruhle, Steve Sadove, Steve Unwin, Dr. Thiago Moraes, Tim Evans, Tom Ferry, Troy Carter, Warren Weeks, Zak Moy, Matt DeMayo, Nathan Scherotter.

Business & Personal Finance
Gary Vaynerchuk
hr min
March 8

Customer Reviews

DanBDanBDanB ,

So good I bought it twice!

Bought the audio version & physical version for every occasion. A superb collection of thoughts from the master GV.

Nealbpikey ,

Another top book!

This is an absolutely awesome audiobook, I did 11 hours of this in a week!

BigBadRobot ,

Fire! 🔥

Just finished all 11hrs + of the audio book and I've got to say it's awesome. Being a fan of Gary and watching his show on YouTube I've already seen him answer these questions on the shooooow but the audio book (and book) expanded on the answers and corrected them if times have changed since the original question. The format was great taking the question topics and pulling them together in chapters was a good idea so you can really get a better view of a problem (the question) from multiple angles and then also the solutions that Gary recommends. As always his reading in the audio format is second to none. I've got some other audio books from other authors and the fact that he personally reads it is amazing and you really get that next level of understanding as you pick up on his tones and how into the question he is. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to succeed in business or just life. GaryVee providing fire once again 🙌🙌

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