Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology Mastery: 2 Books in 1: Learn How to Manage Your Destiny and Master Your Life Through Horoscope, Tarot Reading, Enneagram, and the Power of Numbers

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    • £7.99

Publisher Description

Have you always been curious to know about ancient practices that are still largely in use today? Perhaps numerology, astrology, or tarot reading - do you wonder whether their purpose could help you understand yourself and your life better, improve your relationships, or allow you to make sense of events in your life and more?

If you've answered yes...

Let this audiobook guide you through the magical world of tarot reading, zodiac signs, numbers, enneagram, and horoscope for personal growth and to help you tap into new realms that you never knew existed!

The fact that you are here means you are looking for answers to so many questions on your mind.... What is so special about tarot cards that you should learn about them? What exactly is astrology and how is it connected to numerology? How do you use astrology and numerology to test compatibility, know what the future holds, understand your past, and know which path to take? The answers to all these and other questions will be dealt with in this audiobook!

In this audiobook, you'll find:

- The evolution and origin of tarot reading as a form of divination

- The ins and outs of numerology; including the core numerology numbers, how to test compatibility, how to understand your personality with numerology and more

- The ins and outs of astrology; including how its compatibility works, the zodiac signs and their elements, as well as how to use zodiac signs to improve your life

- The basics of horoscopes; including horoscope matches, horoscopes for your daily life, and more

- The basics of enneagram; including how to use it to better yourself

- How tarot reading works and how to properly use it to unlock your psychic abilities

- And so much more

Even if you are a complete beginner to these concepts, this audiobook will leave you feeling confident about your ability to leverage these ancient practices to your advantage!

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Amanda Brighton
hr min
22 February
Author's Republic