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This superb recordings allows you to focus on what you want using Darrens powerful formula and make it your reality.

The purpose of this recording is to set positive goals for the future. When we focus on the future what we focus on has a big impact on the outcome. There is a natural law which says you get more of what you focus on, and the mistake a lot of people make is that they focus on what they don't want because they don't want it and then end up creating more of that thing because they're focusing on it. Choosing to create yourself as calm, confident and successful in your chosen area is easy with the powerful and unique combination of hypnotic techniques utilised in this recording.

You can use this recording as often as you want to for lots of different goals which could be short, medium or long term. It really is a powerful yet also fun and enjoyable process.

Darren Marks
hr min
14 July
Hypnotherapists Direct Ltd

Customer Reviews

Dolphinz7 ,


I should have just bought the audio book instead of the short intros which were 79 p however I am buying the audiobook as Darren sounds so reassuring and I really like his approach. I determine to succeed and I know all positives start from within and Darren is helping me let go of old outdated thoughts. Thank you Darren. I also have the audiobook to pass my driving test as I was nervous about getting in a car and driving. I can do that now and have my driving test in a few weeks. I pray I pass. Anyway I would recommend Darren He is good and worth every penny.

hypnotrix ,

Nice session,HORRIBLE sound quality

When I listened to the sample, it sounded really bad and I got what I expected.This is encoded at 64 kbps and 22,050 kHz. I'm pretty sure that's not the original sound quality, which is why I will buy the mp3's straight from Darren Mark's site. If you don't mind bad sound quality, however,2 quid is a very small price to pay. And it's a cheap way to check if his method works for you.Oh, that advert in the beginning of the session was remarkably not relaxation-inducing.

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