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Becky is tired of being a good girl and decides she's going to be as naughty as she can. In this case, that means dressing up like a very, very sexy bunny for Halloween. This 18-year-old decides that there's nothing she won't do, no degradation too big, and in this case that means using her mouth to clean up a filthy fat old man! Before long, she'll be giving this dirty old man the treat of his life, and he won't know what hit him!

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a barely legal sex encounter and includes a**l rimming, oral sex, and rough sex. Only mature adults who won't find that content offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

Finally, an old man came to the door. His ragged bathrobe was dirty and stained, and he was obviously naked beneath the worn fabric. The man's protruding belly poked through the open robe. Becky looked at that round tummy with interest. It covered the man's cock and balls. She couldn't even see them down there beneath the flabby rolls of stinking flesh. She was intrigued.

<>¿What do you want?¿ he asked. ¿I want candy,¿ Becky said. She batted her long pink lashes at him. ¿Aren't you a little old to be asking for candy door to door?¿ He snarled at her, but she could see him staring at her gravity-defying breasts. She jiggled them a little and watched his eyes bounce up and down in time with her tits. ¿Aren't you a little fat to be keeping all the candy to yourself?¿ she countered.

He started to shut the door in her face, but she swiftly stuck one pink stiletto over the door jamb. With her leg pushed out that way, the slit in her pink costume split open to reveal the slit in her pink pussy. Her c**t was on full display. It was just the way she liked it. The dirty man stopped pushing the door shut and let his gaze linger on her exposed c**t. He licked his lips. Becky took advantage of his distraction to let herself into the ho...

Dana Campbell
hr min
January 8
Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.