Bedtime Stories for Kids: Book 2: Short Stories, Fairy Tales, Poems and Lullabies to Help Children Reduce Anxiety, Feel Calm and Sleep Deeply All Night like an Angel (Children's Bedtime Stories, Book 2) (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £12.99

Publisher Description

Does your kid like to hear stories before sleep? Does your little one have a hard time falling asleep? Would you like your child to drift off easily into a deep, peaceful, natural, restoring sleep?

Then, keep reading and find out how this audiobook can help you share a special evening moment with your child through storytelling, let your kid calm down, fall asleep fast, and have a peaceful night and sweet dreams.

Nowadays, kids grow up in a busy, noisy, and tech-connected society. The consequences are mental health suffers, focus suffers, and sleep suffers. Bedtime stories can help to improve it all, allowing your child to learn mindfulness, reduce stress, relax, and sleep very well.

This is the second book in a two-part series. Inside, you will find:

Bedtime night short stories
Great fairy tales
Nursery rhymes and short poems
Fantastic stories, including forest, jungle, unicorns, and dinosaurs
Adventure stories
Magic stories
Animal tales
Riddle stories
Inspirational stories
Sweet lullabies
And much more…

By falling asleep with this audiobook, your child will:

Build confidence and self-esteem
Learn kindness
Increase imagination and creativity
Find calm
Put fears to rest
Experience peace and relaxation
Sleep deeply and peacefully all night

These bedtime stories are multicultural. They will work well from ages five to eight. Share and enjoy these bedtime stories with your little one, as it is a much-needed rest for a busy child and the most magical moment of the day. Let your child relax, fall asleep fast, and have sweet dreams.

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16 September
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