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Do you have a hard time getting your little one to get ready for bedtime? 

Does your child have a hard time falling asleep at night? Is it very hard to find stories that can grab your kid's attention?

If you answered yes to any questions, then this book could help you! 

Keep listening.…

With the busy schedule that we have as parents, getting time to spend with our children becomes very challenging.

Children also become so busy with the tight school and home schedules that they don’t get the opportunity to relax or meditate.

One of the ways we can effectively bond with our children and create a room for deep thinking is by reading them bedtime stories before they sleep.

These stories use both the principles of a good bedtime story and the principles of mindful meditation to make a sort of story-meditation hybrid, aimed at kids.

Children are more interested in fantastical stories than they are in just pure meditation. For that reason, the aspects of mindful meditation are blended in with fascinating narratives that will keep your children pleasantly entertained.

In Bedtime Stories for Kids you will be able to find bedtime and meditation stories.

Children are instructed to slowly relax and to open up their imaginations for a story, and to really feel like they are there while it is happening. Furthermore, children engage with fantastical characters and situations that might make them laugh and feel empathy for the characters themselves.

A child listening to these stories feels like they are watching a movie - only that movie happens directly in their mind.

The many lessons that a child can learn from these stories gives them something to think about. The stories are designed to be easily identifiable with children of all ages. Mindfulness meditation alone is a good method to increase things like emotional intelligence and empathy in both children and adults. With these stories empathy is increased even more, forming a direct narrative where the child can empathize with the characters and apply the same lessons to real life scenarios.   

Reading bedtime stories to children is a long-standing tradition and a very healthy habit.

These fantastic stories will stimulate his imagination and will help him to relax and have a peaceful sleeping.

Reading every night these stories you will create a healthy routine for your kid.

In Bedtime Stories for Kids, you will find out:

"The Princess in The Flammenburg"
"Crime Fighters"
"Oscar Has Tea"
"The Long Neck who Told Tall Tales"
"Baggi’s Unwanted Slide"
"The Night I Met a Ghost"
"Rexy and Friends"
"Scott and Nancy Learn to Get Along"
"Magic at the Magic Show"
"Finishing the Witch’s Brew"
"Mouse of Doom"
"Neck Made for Dance"
"Grandpa Heinz and the Mermaid"
"Noah Rides an Airplane"

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Kids & Young Adults
Moira Todd
hr min
March 26
Mafeg Digital Ltd