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Does your child have difficulty falling asleep? Are you looking for a beautiful compendium with a huge number of stories to help your kid fall asleep quickly? Then keep listening!

Sometimes it can be hard for your kid to unwind at the end of the day and come to a place of comfort and rest, especially if he is feeling so excited about all of the things he wants to do, and he just can’t wait until tomorrow!

Children of all ages will enjoy listening to this series of guided audio meditations and bedtime stories to help them relax more fully and prepare for an easier time getting to sleep.    

You are sure to find a great story to help your kid have a wonderful sleep every single night.

   This book includes:

Classic and fantasy stories
Fairy tales
Stories about birthday parties
Aseop´s fables
Enchanting animals stories
Meditation stories and positive affirmation for kids
And so much more!

This book has the best collection of stories to relieve stress, anxiety, meditation, and have a good night of sleep. Having a great sleep is not just about laying in your bed and listening to stories. In fact, helping your kid have a wonderful sleep starts before they even get into bed.

Once they have done everything to get ready for bed, they can curl up under the covers and listen to a delightful bedtime story to help them fall asleep.  This way, they can have the best sleep ever, and with the best dreams ever.

Each chapter is a new story that will transport the listener to places far and wide in the imagination through the use of creative visualization by teaching children mindfulness and meditation through stories.

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Kids & Young Adults
Dona Jackson, Tippy Robinson
hr min
August 11
Martha Shannon, Sarah Cronin