Beeswax Candle Making for Beginners: How to Bring Warmth to Your Home (Unabridged‪)‬

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I struggled so you don't have to.

Hi, I'm Emily. I started making candles five years ago. Back then, I had no idea about candles and how they are made. However, I loved their presence in my room. Candles from the shops in my city lacked originality and personal touch. So I decided to make my own candles. The beginning was hard. I didn't know what I was doing. The Internet was very helpful, however, it was hard to find relevant information to my problems. 

There are so many candle-making blogs with tons of different articles, and each of them gives you a slightly different strategy for making candles. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. 

After years of experimenting, I decided to gather all my experience in this audiobook for you so you don't have to struggle. In this audiobook, I will share with you exactly how to start and then develop your candle-making skills. 

Here's what you will find in this audiobook: 

At the beginning, I present to you a little bit of history of candle making so you can get a better grasp of what it was like in the past and how it became such a big industry nowadays. 
Then, since it is an audiobook about beeswax candles, I show you how to process beeswax and beeswax cappings in case you have your own beehives. 
The third chapter is about preparation. You will learn how to prepare your workspace and where to get all the necessary equipment. 
You will learn the actual process of making beeswax candles: how to melt and pour the wax, use fragrance, and so on. 
Then I give you my nine best recipes for beeswax candles, including my favorite one. 
Then I share with you how you can avoid common mistakes that beginners face. 

Yes, you can find most of this content on the Internet, but you will spend weeks if not months going through the fluff, noise, and incorrect information. I want to save you this time so you can start making candles now. If you want to take the hard path and look for knowledge on the Internet, go ahead, do it, but if you want to start making your own candles now, click the "Buy Now" button at the top of this page right now. 

Liz Krane
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17 September
Emily Alson