Boost Your Fertility: Take Charge of Your Fertility and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Using Positive Affirmations, Self-Hypnosis, and Law of Attraction (Original Recording‪)‬

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Boost fertility.

Do you feel a tinge of envy seeing other couples with kids and pregnant women? Do you imagine yourself growing big with child, giving birth, and watching your baby grow and becoming a fine young man or woman? Are you experiencing feelings of frustration because you so desperately want to have a child of your own but have a hard time conceiving? 

According to the law of attraction, the universe provides you what you most desire as long as you clearly state and manifest it through your words, thoughts, and actions. So, boost your chances of getting pregnant with this 30-minute program using the law of attraction, hypnosis, and positive affirmations. Making it part of your daily routine will help you: 

Condition your body to nurture a baby growing in your womb. 
Prepare your mind and spirit for pregnancy and parenthood. 
Quell your fears about pregnancy and parenthood. 
Achieve a healthy pregnancy. 
Think positively and make healthier choices to increase your chances of getting pregnant. 
Reduce the stress and anxieties related to pregnancy and parenthood. 
Grow your confidence in your ability to conceive and rear a healthy baby. 
Connect more with your unborn child. 
Enjoy your pregnancy more. 
Experience an easier birthing process. 

Wanting to become a parent is one of the most significant things you can do in life. Parenthood is a noble undertaking. It is an act of selflessness and unconditional love. You deserve to have a child, and this audiobook will help you realize that. 

You can choose to listen to these positive affirmations alone, or you and your spouse can repeat these encouraging statements to each other. Harness the law of attraction by welcoming and bringing positive energy into your life. 

Start your journey to parenthood with this 30-minute audiobook. Believe that you are healthy, worthy, and deserving of blessings from the universe. Know that you are meant to be a parent and have faith in your ability to conceive.  

Susan Smith
hr min
7 March
George Nathan Jr.

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