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Danny Watts' grandfather, Fergus, was a traitor, one of the worst sort: an SAS explosives expert who betrayed his country and his regiment for drug money. He was arrested and left to rot and die in a Columbian jail. At least, that's what 17-year-old Danny is told when his hopes of becoming a soldier are destroyed forever. But he knows something the army doesn't seem to know.

Fergus Watts is alive and in the UK, living in secret under an assumed name. But where? Fergus is Danny's only living relative. Burning with fury and desire for revenge, Danny sets out to track down his grandfather and expose him. In doing so, he sets in train an explosive sequence of events that throw Danny and Fergus together on the run from the people who want Fergus, and now Danny, dead.

Packed with breathtaking action, SAS procedures, surveillance, and survival techniques, this is a fast-moving, action-packed thriller for teenagers.

Crime & Thrillers
Jason Merrells
hr min
May 1
Random House AudioBooks

Customer Reviews

BCFCtazz ,

each of your seats

Althought it dose tack a while 4 the action 2 start it is well worth the wait.
It the sort of book that make u wish that u could dive into the book and tack part in the action.
Driving, fighting and even some detective work this book has even think to keep teenage and young adults male intresed.

Scott - London ,

First of 4 books - Well Worth the Read

if i had played closer attention to the back of the fist book i bought i would have realised that it was the second in the series that i read first, however that said when i read this one Payback (the second book) became more relevant, this is without a doubt the fist time i have even acivly gone out to buy all the other books to complete a series, like the other comment says it does take a little time for the action to kick in but if the truth be told it helps with the antisipation in the book.

even though i am in my 30's i still think this is a great story and very plausible which only adds to the realism.

To Sumarise - Buy it, then by the others you will not be dissapointed!

Kev from Luton uk ,


I enjoy the andy mcnab stories, I am however disappointed because on the audio, he misses bits out from the book. It would have been better if the book was read word for word. Overall enjoyable and worth buying.

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