Break Up: The Ultimate Break up Guide for Women (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £2.99

Publisher Description

If you're grieving over a recent break up and want to know how to pull yourself through, then this audiobook is for you!

Everyone has experienced that one break up that has affected them more than any other; you're not alone. But times do get better. It's your turn to take a step forward in recovering from that relationship that left you feeling upset and unwanted. Understand your worth, and learn techniques to help you start moving on today.

Here's a preview of what we'll cover:

Handling the Breakup
Giving Yourself Space
Coping with Your Emotions Appropriately
Reviving Your Social Life
Motivating Yourself to Keep Moving On
And much more!

Although romantic relationships never come with a guaranteed happy ending, arriving at the end of one can still feel devastating. When you're involved in a committed relationship, you put your whole heart into it, hoping it'll last. Some people even neglect their friends, hobbies, and personal goals to give more time and energy to strengthen their bond with their significant other. And yet, this is one of the reasons why you may find yourself at such a loss when the relationship doesn't work out. The thought of seeing your hopes dashed, of losing a friend and confidant, and of being alone - and lonely - is downright depressing, even if you aren't the dramatic type. Now, although it currently feels like the world has crumbled beneath you, there's hope and you'll recover. I'm going to help you see that there's life after every break up. And even better, it can be a happy and successful one. You'll look back a few months from now and realize that this break up made you stronger and a better person. How you will survive between now and then is precisely what this book is going to teach you.

Stephanie Quinn
hr min
12 October
Paramount Publishing Company

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