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This workbook is designed to be used as a personal journal or diary through the chakras. It categorizes and utilizes all the gifts of Mother Earth - such as gems, aromatherapy, flower essence, herbs, and foods - that support and enhance our lives, strengthen our bodies, balance our emotions, and soothe our souls. Through many lighthearted activities including journaling and positive affirmations, this audiobook will help you become aware of the total involvement necessary for self-healing by healthfully and naturally making your food your medicine, creating new daily habits, learning ancient rituals and traditions, making tools for self-healing, and taking back responsibility for your own health care. The result is a new way to walk through life: walking "as if". 

"Simply Cathryn" takes you on a journey with her 40 years of experience through the body's energy centers, which weave every atom of our being naturally into the tapestry of all life on Earth. They awaken us to our true selves as good stewards to life on earth...happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. 

As it takes time to know, support, and activate each chakra, this workbook allows you to move at your own pace, taking a week or even a month to walk and work with each chakra's activities before moving on to the next. The foundation that is built chakra by chakra will support each dynamic energy system's ability to remain in balance. Each of the chakras, which support the functions of a specific system and group of organs of the body, is visited as a portal into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. 

"Simply Cathryn" first looks at the history behind each chakra. She then suggests aromatherapy to soothe and heal and flower essence to unlock disease, releasing known as well as unknown memories buried deep in the tissues supporting each chakra. She visits customs, rituals, and protocols of the ancients, and through activities, she shows how you already have around your home all the things you need to improve everyday living. She teaches about what gems to use, teas to drink, and foods to eat that are the medicines of each chakra and its systems. 

It is painfully obvious to see the difference between original medicine and modern medicine; we see what is in the best interest for our whole healing and what is not. For instance, take a good look at a pharmaceutical ad on television, which spends only a few seconds on what it can do for you and the rest of the time on all the side effects - all due to unnatural, synthesized chemicals. It's time to return to making our medicines from natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and flora and create meals that address our needs - making food our medicine in the same way our ancestors did for thousands of years. This is an audiobook about returning to what we have lost over the past 70 years: personal responsibility and original medicine. To your health, happiness, and well-being. 

Cathryn Barkulis-Smith, Tony Damian
hr min
March 26
The Power of Weee!